Two Sided Plastic Coated ECCS Tape

TS7 plastic coated ECCS tapes Two Sided Plastic Coated ECCS Tapes consists of a low carbon, electrolytically chrome-coated steel foil coated bon oth sides with the copolymer of LDPE. Electro Chrome coated Steel Tapes or ECCS tapes enjoy extreme industrial usage owing to its excellent mechanical, optical and environmental characteristics. Although the primary use of these tapes were to armour Optical fibre Cables, a wide range of Electro Chrome Steel Tapes are commercially available today, that suit the needs of various other industries as well. Plastic Coated ECCS tape is among the most widely available variations. It features a low carbon, electrolytically chrome-coated steel foil coated on both sides with the co polymer of LDPE. The copolymer endows it with superb adhesive properties (for both metals and plastics alike), while the annealed stainless steel gives it excellent form ability and fabrications characteristics.

  • Provides increased resistance to the damage during installation at high and low temperatures.
  • Reduces the possibility of Kinking.
  • Prevents jackets shrink-back and fatigue failure at the splice case.

  • Local area networks
  • Outside plant distribution systems
  • Long haul trunking and feeder
  • Duct or direct buried installation
  • CATV, CCTV and telecommunication