Polysurlyn Moisture Barrier

Polysurlyn Moisture Barrier is an engineered coextruded film of polyethylene and Surlyn polymers with a total film thickness of 3 mils .Polysurlyn Moisture Barrier is heat laminated in the factory to the interior surface of all types of metal jacketing for mechanical insulation to help prevent pitting, crevice, and galvanic decomposition of the interior apparent of the metal jacketing and the underlying insulated pipe, tank, or equipment. This corrosion can occur when water enters the installed insulation system through joints or damage in the metal jacketing. PSMB consists of Five film layers each carefully selected to yield optimum performance. The inner layer is predominantly LDPE for excellent adhesiveness after heat lamination. The middle layer is Surlyn for strength. The top layer is predominantly HDPE for superior hardiness and abrasion blocking. The use of high-density layer of polyethylene, one layer of Surlyn resin, and one layer of low-density polyethylene fundamental guarantees that there are no pinholes through the entire film because any holes in a single layer will not align with holes in the other layers.

Features :
  • Customized packaging solutions for extended shelf life
  • Excellent barrier against moisture, oxygen & odour
  • Excellent mechanical properties even at low thickness
  • High burst strength and puncture resistant